You may be curious as to why I chose to title this blog ‘Forget Fusion’. Don’t get me wrong: I love to see people experimenting with food, creating new combinations that would be unheard of in the traditional dishes’ countries of origin. In fact many of my favourite cuisines were created over time by the gradual acceptance of ingredients brought by foreign invaders, or by locals who dared to introduce flavours from their adventures abroad.

In my case, with my cooking, it is very important that I have a basic understanding of a cuisine’s building blocks before I start playing with it. This goes beyond spices, sauces and cooking methods to include aesthetics and cultural customs in the kitchen and at the table.

In order to satisfy my own curiosity,  I set off for three years (after graduating from cooking school in 2006), travelling around the world to countries with refined culinary traditions, looking to learn as much as possible about both home-style cooking and restaurant food (there is usually a very big difference between the two).

In this blog, I will try to share as many simple, traditional recipes from around the world as possible, with stories about the people who taught me, the places I learned, and the cooking methods that make it easy to create exotic meals that will have your family and friends reserving space at your table in advance.


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